In an attempt to follow my own advise, I decided to post my goals for 2013 here for all to see. Some are bigger or smaller than others. Some I already do anyway but I want to make a mental note to keep doing them. Some will be challenging.

One (the work out routine) is an old friend whom I have yet to conquer, but I believe I have identified the reasons why I have failed in the past and have tailored a plan to work around that. I know it’s the oldest one in the book, but I have often found myself using the old excuse of not having time to work out. Solution: Work out at home (mostly) and fit mini-work outs in when I walk Ralphy in the morning (something I already do anyway). The other issue I have run into since I stopped rowing is boredom. I was a personal trainer for a year, I have a bachelors in Exercise Science, I am a chiropractor, and I still get bored working out. I know more about the movement I do than any one human being needed to know about movement, and yet, I mentally yawn just thinking about going to the gym. I rowed in college and ran and lifted weights for cross training, but that extra stuff was all because of my love for rowing. I just wanted to be a good rower. Well, that and I knew I had to go to the boathouse every morning or Rudy would probably find me and hurt me. I think I need a workout that 1. Keeps me interested 2. keeps me accountable or 3. Is rowing. Here are my ideas so far.

1. Groupons are a fabulous way to explore what is available in your area AND keep your workout boredom at bay! I bought three workout related groupons right before the new year, which will give me a great sample-platter of workouts to keep me interested. I really enjoyed the first class I went to and will most likely continue to work out there after the groupon runs out : )

2. As of last night, I have officially recruited a workout buddy! Involving friends is a great way to make working out fun AND keep you accountable. I make a really good workout buddy (I have a lot of toys and experiance putting together workout plans), but I make a lousy solo-work outer.

3. My ultimate goal is to join the boat house here in Tempe so I can get back on the water again. I think if I can get myself in decent shape and start rowing again, it will help me keep my eyes on the prize when I do non-rowing workouts.

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Nikki Cyr, D.C.

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