Let’s Work Together!

Sound Familiar?

If you’re like most of my patients, you’ve probably done “all the things…”

      You’ve been to your primary care…

      You’ve gone to see a GI doctor… or two … or three…

      You’ve gone to a Naturopath…

      You’ve spent a gagillion dollars on Integrative and Functional doctors…

      You’ve researched the CRAP out of your diagnosis- on Facebook groups, Youtube, Podcasts, Summits, Pubmed…

Heck, you could probably become a licensed physician with all of the knowledge you’ve accumulated! But what has all that bright, shiny knowledge gotten you?

If you’re reading this, I would wager “close to zip.”

As a matter of fact, I’ve found that this never-ending quest to “figure it out” leaves most people more overwhelmed and confused than when they started their journey. And what’s worse? This sense of overwhelm, anxiety, and depression makes you start to think:

“Nobody and nothing has helped me so I must be a lost cause. Maybe I’ll never heal my gut.”

But let me stop you right there 

No matter what your diagnosis, no matter what your symptom, no matter how long you’ve felt unwell there is always hope.

I’ve seen people go from pooping once a week become daily poopers (one lady complained that she was “kind of getting sick of pooping” 😂)

I’ve seen inflammation levels (in bloodwork) go from “heart attack waiting to happen” to normal in a matter of weeks.

I’ve seen people go from 10 “failed” rounds of 💊 Xifaxan to SIBO-free in a matter of months.

The key to all of their success?

  • They learned to listen to their bodies again.
  • They learned to trust in their body’s ability to heal.
  • They were willing to do something different.

What If…?

… You were able to say “yes” or “no” to an invitation purely based on whether or not you WANTED to attend… NOT whether you thought they would have anything safe for you to eat (wild, I know).

… You were able to enjoy eating at holidays and restaurants again.

… You were able to feel confident in your clothing and not worry if your bloated belly made you look pregnant.

… You were able to do things you ENJOY instead of dedicating every moment of every day to this gosh-darn healing quest.

Imagine your life WITHOUT having to watch online summits, dig through hours of Youtube videos, and post to
online gut health groups.

Your Body WANTS to be Balanced and Happy!

So, why has conventional medicine taught us to fight our bodies?

The fight stops here and now for you.

No more feeling like your body “isn’t cooperating” or “hates you.” No more feeling like your body is “misbehaving.” No more feeling like you have the only weirdo body in the world that the doctors can’t figure out. No more suppressing body parts or processes (ex. the immune system) that are “misbehaving” or “broken.” No more covering up or band-aiding symptoms.

If band-aid medicine worked you wouldn’t be reading this right now! Rather, when we work together we will make an effort to learn about your body, understand the layers that are weighing you down, and understand it’s goals and needs (yes, your body has goals!). Most importantly, we will rebuild and replenish your mind, body, and spirit.

Of course, all of this takes time and diligence (from both of us!). That’s why you and I will work together for six months.

Six Months to a More Balanced, Nourished, and Dependable Body

Your Six Month Care Program Includes:

Twelve appointments with Dr. DiNezza

You’ll always feel supported and accountable with bi-weekly check-ins. No more losing track of time, thinking “gosh, I should really make an appointment,” and then –SHOOP- four months passed by and you haven’t made a lick of progress. I’m here for you and I’m going to make sure you keep the promises you made to yourself!

Implementation sessions with our nutritionist Stephanie
It’s one thing to figure out which diet you should follow (or not follow!). It’s another thing to translate that into every day life and eat! This is where Steph comes in- she’s here to help you brainstorm new food and recipe ideas. 

Recordings of all appointments
Take it from someone who has dealt with inflammation and brain-fog: these recordings are going to prove to be quite useful! This way, if you don’t perfectly memorize everything we discuss (because, who really does?) you’re good. You can listen to your recordings as much as you’d like.

Have a spouse or a family member who wants to participate in your care but can’t make it to appointments? These recordings are a great way to let others stay abreast of what we’re working on and offer help and feedback along the way.

Detailed plan notes after each appointment
You’ll never be left scratching your head thinking “what dose did she recommend?” or “why did she recommend adding that into my diet?” because you’ll have thorough notes to refer to each time we speak.

Digital guides and resources
Imagine we discover that you are deficient in vitamin B12. I could tell you “here, take this supplement.” I could tell you “start eating foods with B12.” But those recommendations are only so helpful, wouldn’t you agree? That is why I’ve taken the time to develop guides and resources for such occasions! I try to spare you unnecessary google-ing whenever I can 

Access to my “REAL Root Cause Healing” program
This mini-course will set you up for success in your healing journey. By the end of this you’ll know the real deal about root causes (hint: functional medicine doctors talk about this all day long, but I find that many in my profession don’t’ quite get it right!).

Access to my “Laboratory Test Interpretation” course
Have you ever had a doctor tell you “everything looks fine, you must be fine” or “I’ll let you know if anything is abnormal on your labs”? In this course I take the time to explain commonly used (and very useful!) laboratory tests, how to interpret your results, and why the standard lab ranges almost always lead you astray. This puts you back in the drivers seat, no matter where you get lab work done in the future.

Access to my popular “Digestion Reboot” program
Ever feel like there are a gazillion things out there that could “heal your gut” but you don’t know which ones are appropriate for you? Or even if you do know which things are appropriate for you you don’t know how to prioritize them? Well, look no further. Digestion Reboot will talk you through the most important steps of healing your digestive system.

Accountability Guides
I encourage all of my patients to use accountability guides (aka “Clarity Worksheets”) throughout their journey. These guides help you track and understand your progress, organize your thoughts and questions before each appointment, and get in touch with your body.

Your Investment for Six Months of Care:

$7985 USD

Payment is due in full at the time of your first full-length appointment.

We do not offer payment plans in-house, but highly recommend Advance Care Cards.

Apply Here

Not Sure if Private Coaching is For You?

Check out FODMAP Freedom in 90 Days, my group coaching program!

FODMAP Freedom is likely a good fit for you if…

  • You’re struggling with bloating, IBS, and/or SIBO
  • You’ve wound up on the low FODMAP diet or another “IBS diet” or “SIBO diet,” and now you’re having a hard time reintroducing foods without unwanted symptoms
  • You feel like you’re spinning your wheels with different doctors, nutritionists, podcasts, supplements, and fancy lab tests
  • You’d like extra encouragement and accountability from your peers
  • You’d like my help, but are unable to afford the investment to work together privately

FODMAP Freedom enrolls twice per year (in February and August).

Click here to learn more about FODMAP Freedom and join the waitlist if we are not currently enrolling.

Additional Items and Services

The need for the following varies from individual to individual, making it difficult to factor them into the price of your care program. For this reason, the following will be a-la-carte purchases, when needed.

Supplements and Herbs
Starting at $90 per month.
The need for (and therefore cost of) supplements and herbs varies greatly from individual to individual. For this reason, supplements and herbs are not included in the price of your care program. Sometimes it is recommended that you purchase supplements from a store or a specific website. Occasionally, we will use products that need to be provided by my office (ex. custom herbal blends).

Laboratory Testing
Expect an initial investment of about $500.
The need for (and therefore cost of) laboratory testing varies greatly from individual to individual. The cost of testing is also strongly influenced by your insurance. For these reasons, lab testing is not included in the price of your care program. Folks without insurance or who use a co-op can expect higher up-front costs for labs. PPO plans that have out of network lab benefits offer the best coverage for labs.

Adjunctive Therapies and Services
Rates are set by each individual clinic or provider.
The need may arise for you to work with other professionals to further the progress we make together. Examples include but are not limited to acupuncture, massage therapy, therapy or psychotherapy, marriage counseling, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, cold laser treatment, bio-feedback, and functional neurology.

Medical Devices and Misc
Other examples of items that must be purchased a-la-carte include TENS units, CES units, orthopedic pillows, and medicinal foods (ex. Prolon kits and protein powders).


Welcome! I know that picking a healthcare practitioner is a big decision, and I thank you for placing your trust in me. I also know that you’ve likely worked with many other doctors, specialists, and healers before, and how exhausting that can be. Please rest assured knowing that you have somebody on your side from here on out. I promise to do everything in my power to help you feel better.

I look forward to helping you! 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dr. DiNezz have experience working with people like me?

Dr. DiNezza is particularly well-versed in gut or stomach-based concerns (IBS, SIBO, IBD, leaky gut, bloating, constipation, food intolerances, candida overgrowth, dysbiosis, reflux). She also has extensive experience helping people with autoimmune diseases, inflammatory conditions, and thyroid disorders. 

Can we do remote appointments if I'm not in NC?

Yes! Dr. DiNezza is able to hold appointments via phone or zoom for patients outside of North Carolina. The only significant differences to note are:

  • Some states like NY, RI, and MD make it difficult or impossible for us to order labs or bloodwork for you. There are ways to work around this, but it takes more effort.
  • We are generally unable to bill labs through your insurance if you live in another state.
  • Dr. DiNezza is unable to conduct a physical exam if you are not here in person. As such, she may ask you to make appointments with local doctors if the need arises.
Can I do just a few appointments instead of six months?

We have found that the most effective way to help people change and really heal is to work together for at least six months. For this reason, all new patients start with the initial six month care program.

Can I get a reduced rate if I skip (service or course)?

No. The care program outlined above is specially designed to get you lasting results. All new patients are expected to put in quite a bit of effort during their healing journey, including taking some courses led by Dr. DiNezza.

What will my insurance cover?

You can call your insurance company and ask about coverage (questions below) to get a rough idea of your plan’s coverage.

Additionally, we are able to order many tests through Labcorp or Quest which can usually be billed through insurance.

What questions can I ask my insurance company?


  • Is your plan an HMO, PPO, or something else? (Generally, PPOs cover more services)

Appointment Reimbursement:

  • What can you expect for reimbursement if you see an out of network provider** and submit superbills for CPT codes 97802 and 97803?

Lab testing:

  • What is your in-network lab? (Quest, Labcorp, or both)
  • Can an out of network provider** order through this in-network lab?
  • How much of in-network testing is covered (usually given as a percentage)? Do you have an in-network lab deductible to meet first?
  • Does your plan have out-of-network lab benefits?
  • What is your out-of-network lab deductible? How much of that deductible have you met this year?

**Note: If you are not in North Carolina, make sure to specify that the provider is in North Carolina.

May I use my HSA or FSA Card?

Yes! We are able to accept HSA and FSA cards for appointments and supplements. You may also use these cards for any out-of-pocket lab testing fees.”

Can I use Care Credit?

We work with Advance Care Card, which we have found to be better than CC. Advance Care offers interest-free financing for 6 or 14 months (depending on your credit). At this time we do not accept Care Credit, but if this is important to you we can look into it.

How much will Labs cost?

This depends on a few factors. Most importantly, this depends on the complexity and severity of your health concern(s) and the quality of your insurance plan. With decent insurance (PPOs) you can expect to invest around $500 for initial testing and a much smaller amount on repeat testing. If your insurance is particularly sub-par (high deductible plans, HMOs) you can expect to invest a bit more.

Is lab testing necessary for a successful outcome?

Oftentimes, yes. We use lab testing to uncover hidden malfunctions, discover healing opportunities, and get to the root cause of your health issues.

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