Folks with mast cell disorders, eczema, hives, eosinophilic disorders, POTS, and migraines often find benefit in the low histamine diet. But what does the low histamine diet actually look like? What foods should you be adding and subtracting from your diet? Let me know where to send them (below) and I’ll send you my handy guides:

  • High, Medium, and Low Histamine Foods list
    • Ever wonder why there are a million different histamine food lists? Ever wonder which one is right? I have compiled these lists from years of experience working with histamine intolerant and mast cell activated folk. Use this template as a starting point for your elimination diet if you are embarking on the low histamine diet!
  • Anti-Histamine foods list
    • Subtracting foods doesn’t heal- you need to add nutrition in, too! In this guide, I share some of my favorite anti-histamine foods so that you can accelerate your healing.
  • Environmental Cross-Reactors list
    • This guide is great for those who struggle with histamine-driven issues when the pollen is flyin’!

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