In my last article, I explained why doing a detox or a cleanse with your friends’ multilevel marketing company is likely not the best use of your money. I’m not against cleanses and detoxesnor am I against multilevel marketing. What I am against is uneducated people dispensing products (and making promises) that they know absolutely nothing about. Multilevel marketing supplement companies thrive on that and blend a dangerous combination of:

     1. Laypeople who typically don’t know what they are doing
     2. Who are usually desperate for money or at least looking to recoup their investment
     3. Who have been “educated” aka spoon-fed only one point of view from their company
     4. Have gotten psyched-up at huge mega-conferences every year- extra fun brainwashing!

This usually leads to an army of uneducated people who are sure that everybody needs to take their company’s products. The result? A lot of people try an MLM product, don’t see results, and go on to swear-off all supplements and natural healthcare entirely. Ohhhh that really grinds my gears- that’s how multilevel marketing supplement companies are ruining it for the rest of us.

Don’t believe me? Let’s look an example of an exchange I had with an MLM product promoter.

This person probably doesn’t even know what enzymes do

The person is sure that their company’s products are better than normal multivitamins because of this nifty little at-home experiment. The only problem? Apparently they didn’t look at the ingredient lists of each product. Either that, or she doesn’t know anything about the ingredients in the products. Of course an enzyme broke down the food and the regular vitamin didn’t. Are you kidding me? That’s like marveling at how paint thinner dissolves paint but olive oil doesn’t do anything.

Multilevel Marketing supplement companies will almost certainly waste your money, and may be downright dangerous. Do yourself a favor and skip the MLM cleanse or detox this year and entrust your health only to those of us who know what we are doing.


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