Isagenix, Shakeology, Amway, Herbalife, Shaklee, Zrii, Zeal For Life and countless others.

A status update recently shared by a fellow functional medicine doctor.

Have you been approached by a friend or family member about doing a detox or weight-loss program for the new year? Do they call themselves a “wellness coach”, “wellness advocate”, “beach body coach” or something similar even though you know for a fact that they never went to school to obtain a degree in nutrition or a health related field? Then they likely work for a multilevel marketing company like one of the ones above.

I’m not inherently anti-multilevel marketing. However, I am very much against multilevel marketing supplement companies. The reason? These companies thrive- nay, rely on regular, uneducated people to join and perpetuate their business. This isn’t especially dangerous if what is being sold is skincare or makeup (like Nerium, for example), but I draw the line when it comes to people’s health. Some of the above products are better quality than others, but that doesn’t change my biggest problem with MLM supplement companies: the lack of experience and expertise of the people dispensing the products.

Imagine this scenario, if you will-

1. You walk into a store with a friend
2. You walk into the vitamin and supplement section of the store
3. Your pal, whom has no training in anything related to healthcare, nutrition or supplements and no real knowledge of your body or health history, starts telling you that you simply MUST try this protein shake/product/package

Would you take them seriously? Or would you know that they don’t know what you need any more than you do?

For that matter, have you ever heard of the saying “when all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail”? If you have anemia caused by low stomach acid and an H Pylori infection you may complain of fatigue, for instance. Talk to an MLM supplement company rep and they’ll likely tell you that you need their company’s energy product (or that you need to do a cleanse). Because most of these folks have absolutely NO training in nutrition or healthcare whatsoever, they have no ability to properly diagnose and evaluate what you really need. As a result, they will sell you whatever products their company sells- regardless of if you need it or not.

This year, make a resolution to not do one of these MLM programs. Spend your money going to a doctor who specializes in functional medicine– you’ll thank me later.


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