This week, we’ll take a deeper dive on HERBS with our special guest Thomas Easley, the Founder and CEO of Eclectic School of Herbs and writer of the Modern Herbal Dispensatory medicine Making Guide

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Instagram: @theeclecticherbalist

What to expect:

  • What had helped Thomas’ gut?
  • Three distinct Herbs
  • Examples of Nervine tonic 
  • Where in the spectrum of sedating stimulating vs tonic does it belong? (chamomile)
  • Sensory experience, nervous system and digestion
  • The influence of Chocolate and Coffee on western philosophy
  •  Alternative coffee 
  • Polyphenols as Prebiotics for Good Bacteria
  • Whole plant or Concentrated Compounds (Active)
  • Functional Herbalism 
  • Digestive Bitters

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