We are very excited to share to you our very first podcast guest – Julia King PsyD., MBA who is a former forensic psychologist turned clinical psychologist who specializes on treating anxiety in IBS!

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Here are some of the topics we will discuss: 
1. What will you say to someone who is in the IBS space that a little bit resistant to the idea that stress or anxiety is driving their symptoms?
2. What is the Lion and Zebra Metaphor
3.  How to deal with Food Anxiety 
4. How do you comment on the practitioners’ messaging or recommendation?
5. What are Julia’s Strategies?
6. What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?
7. How to trust their body again?
8. Experimenting Process
9. What is Even though Strategy?
10 How to choose a therapist?
11. What is the Limbic System?
12. What are Julia’s Crime Podcasts Recommendations?

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