Lab Interpretation

Dr. DiNezza is available for test interpretation guidance and/or a second opinion.

Please note, this is only for Functional Medicine tests and stool tests such as those listed below.

Dr. DiNezza does not consult or give second opinions on other medical tests or films. 


Lab Tests 

  • UBiome​

  • Thryve

  • GI Effects (Genova)

  • Doctor’s Data

  • GI Map

  • Food sensitivity tests (all)

  • Leaky gut tests​

  • Intestinal barrier assessment (Dunwoody)
  • SIBO breath tests

  • H pylori tests
  • Candida tests including the Organic Acids Test (OAT)​
  • Parasite tests
  • IBS Smart or similar
  • Thyroid tests (all)​

  • DUTCH hormone panels

  • Adrenal tests

  • NutrEval​

  • Organix

  • Organic Acids Test

  • Spectracell

  • Cyrex Tests (all)

  • Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) and other viral tests

For all other “Functional” or naturopathic tests, fill out the form below and Dr. DiNezza will let you know if she thinks she’ll be able to help you.

“I came across Nikki on the Gut Club Facebook feed and I had some Genova gut Biome tests done for my son and myself and needed them interpreted. Even though Nikki was in the US and I was in the UK I knew she had the credentials to help myself and my son. In the UK people who understand the gut to Nikki’s level are few and far between. 

Nikki gave us some great advice, she went through each of the genome and species explaining what they do and how they work with each other. She advised us on what we needed to do and she even asked intuitive questions to understand behaviors that may be symptoms of what she was seeing in the results. She nailed many things and it was so worth the time I spent on the phone with her.
I would highly recommend her and will certainly use her again when we do our next follow up tests.”
Laura K

“Wow I don’t know where to start but Dr. DiNezza’s knowledge of the GI Effects test has helped me beyond wordsGetting the test done was a great start but I had no idea what I was seeing in the results. I only knew there were quite a few things unacceptably wrong. My regular ND ordered the test and helped, but not until googling experts in GI Effects tests and finding Dr. DiNezza did I make this kind of progress.

Dr. DiNezza has specific familiarity with the GI Effects test and the individual bacterial strains and mechanisms as well as potential remedies involved in gut dysbiosis that make her advice really incredible and invaluable for anyone experiencing gut dysbiosis.  She really goes above and beyond and can miraculously improve people’s quality of life as a result.  If you have any gut issue I would so highly recommend working with Dr. DiNezza!! In fact, I would say it is an absolute must. You’ll be glad you did! :)”


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This service is billed at Dr. DiNezza’s hourly rate.

The cost of this service is dependent on what type of test(s) to be analyzed, the number of tests submitted, and the format in which you wish to receive the results (phone call, written report, or both).

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