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Before Our Visit

Please make sure you complete the following at least two days (48 hours) prior to our first appointment. Doing so will ensure that I have enough time to review everything before our appointment.
  • Fill out and submit:
    • All health history forms (portal –> “questionnaires”)
    • A food diary (type in Word and save as a PDF)
      (“labs and documents” –> “upload new document”)
    • All current supplements and medications
      (portal –> “my medications” and “my supplements”)
    • Any relevant lab testing using the following file name format:
      “YYYY-MM-DD Test.”
      Example: “2018-10-01 Thyroid tests,” or “2017-07-20 Colonoscopy.”
      Please include:
      • All tests and blood work that you have had done in the last 3 years
      • Any older tests that are relevant to your current complaint(s)
  • Sign “First Steps to Health Bundle” agreement
    (portal –> “questionnaires”)
  • Pre-pay for first two appointments
    (in your portal under “invoices and payments”)
Recommended reading is available in the portal under
“labs and documents” –> “general resources.”
Please note that GPS devices and Google often make you drive past the building because it is set back off the main road- use the resources below so you’ll know what to look for. Directions to the office (including photos of the building) and a dashcam video can be found below.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Driving Directions

Infinity Holistic Health

1289 N Fordham Blvd Ste C1
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

(919) 238-4094

Financial Information

While we are unable to bill your insurance directly at Infinity Holistic Healthcare, I do my best to use your plan for laboratory fees whenever possible. The following financial FAQ outlines:
  • Appointment fees
  • Insurance questions
    • Lab billing
    • Reimbursement
  • HSA and FSA card use
  • Payment plan options via Advance Care Cards
I recommend calling your insurance provider and asking them the following questions 
prior to your first appointment:
  • Is your plan an HMO, PPO, or something else?
  • If it’s an HMO is it eligible for an HSA?
    • If you’re able to get an FSA or HSA I highly recommend getting one- these cards can be used for appointments, lab testing, and supplements.
  • Can they tell you what to expect for reimbursement if you see an out of network provider and submit superbills for CPT codes 97802 and 97803.
  • What is their in-network lab (Labcorp, Quest, or both)?
  • Can an out-of-network doctor (Dr. DiNezza) order tests through the in-network lab above? (almost always yes)
  • What amount of routine lab testing do they cover before you meet your deductible? (ex: 80%, 100%)
  • Does your plan have out-of-network lab benefits?
    • If yes: Do you have an out-of-network lab deductible?
      • If yes: What % of out-of-network labs are covered prior to meeting the deductible?

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