Have you heard about this “leaky gut” thing?

Most people have at least heard of leaky gut syndrome now. It was all the rage about 5 years ago, but it has fallen away from the spotlight as SIBO has come more into focus. The basic summary of leaky gut is that when your intestinal lining is inflamed it causes a whole ton of other problems. Namely,

  1. Easy transfer of gut contents to the underlying immune system, blood stream, and body. Namely, bacterial toxins like LPS and large food proteins like gluten.

  2. Autoimmunity (oftentimes)

  3. Food sensitivities

  4. More inflammation and immune dysregulation

The weird thing I’ve noticed, though, is that few SIBO patients really focus on healing their guts. It’s like people get diagnosed with SIBO and they think that’s IT, that the bugs are the only thing they need to address, so they no longer need to worry about leaky gut anymore.

That’s not at all true, though. You still need to worry about food sensitivities and leaky gut, but the degree to which you need to think/worry about those things varies from person to person.

SIBO Mistake #3: Healing the Gut

The good news is that it is possible to treat SIBO, most often naturally. No, it’s not a quick fix, but it can be done. Through a combination of dietary modifications (not low FODMAPs), exercises, and supplements, I have seen great progress be made with this notoriously hard to treat condition.

If you are ready to work with me on your SIBO, please download my e-book “Why conventional Medicine CAN’T Cure IBS” below. The application process to become a patient is discussed in the last pages of that book.

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