When you do what the majority does you are said to be “normal”. Normal gets things done. It flies under the radar. It’s familiar. It’s safe. But in the world of healthcare, normal isn’t cutting the mustard anymore- we need abnormal. We need to think outside of the box… Or create a whole new box all together.
And so, Create a New Box was born.
I am a gal with a mission: To help people get healthier. As I get ready to graduate from Chiropractic school this winter, however, I am struck by two realizations: 1. Everybody can be healthier. 2. My hands can only touch so many people. This blog will serve as my way of reaching a bigger audience than I could otherwise serve.
So why the need for a new box? Because “healthcare” as it stands now is doing a horrible job at making people healthy. According to http://www.americashealthrankings.org, 27% of Americans are considered obese, and surely many more are considered overweight. 8.7% of Americans are diabetic, but surely countless more are on their way there (insulin resistant) or just don’t know they are diabetic yet. We chiropractors have been saying for years now that the medical model today is more of a sickcare model than one of healthcare. Don’t believe me? Actions speak louder than words, and this is especially evident when we watch how people treat their own bodies.
When do you go to the doctor? If you’re like most Americans, you only go to the doctor when you are already sick. We go to the doctor in hopes of being treated, fixed, or even cured. We hope for the solution that will cause the least amount of inconvenience so that we may get on with our busy lives as soon as humanly possible. We’ve gotten so caught up in the rat-race that we can’t be bothered by our own bodies anymore. I know this is true, because I used to be the exact same way. I used to be normal.
It wasn’t until I got to chiropractic school that I started to realize how truly backwards this system is. We are given pills to mute symptoms, not to fix the underlying problem. The problem with that is that symptoms aren’t just our body’s way of making your life miserable- they are a cry for help. They’re clues to help you trace the cause of the problem. What you need is a doctor who can help you trace these symptoms back from whence they came and make sense of the message your body is trying so desperately to scream. If you were given a message in a language you didn’t speak would you try to cover the writing with white-out, or find someone who could help you translate the message? That’s what I’m here for- to make sense of the symptoms you simply don’t know how to read.
So let the journey toward perfect health begin. Let’s create a new box.


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