Halloween has come and gone yet again, and once more I was left with a moral dilemma: How can I teach people to eat healthy and NOT eat candy and yet give out candy on Halloween? To me that’s almost as bad as telling people to not do drugs and handing out little baggies of crack at my door once a year. I had to find a way to participate in the holiday without contributing to the inflammatory tradition.

I tried thinking of something else to give kids. Pennies? Stickers? Surely my house would be egged. Mike ended up getting us little baggies of trail mix and peanuts to give out, which made me feel a lot better. But despite our best efforts thousands of kids are going home tonight with a bag full of candy. So what can we do as health-conscious Americans to off-set some of that inflammation?

Dentists across the country buy Halloween candy from kids and send it to troops over-seas. What a great way to encourage your kids to give-up their precious candy stash! Granted, it’s still not healthy for anyone to be eating that candy, but at least solders have a higher metabolic rate than most children. Sure, they’ll have to worry about the inflammation now, but at least that candy won’t contribute to the all too real threat of childhood obesity we now face. To find a participating dentist near you check out this site.

Wishing you a cavity-free Halloween,



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