Dietary Restrictions is one of the most common strategies used for managing SIBO and IBS. These diets can be helpful for a short period of time (weeks or perhaps months) but can get people stuck.

In this episode, Amy and Dr. DiNezza share their strategies on how they help their clients in reintroducing foods. This will be especially helpful for people who have troubles adding food (that was restricted) in their diet.


  • Identifying purpose of FODMAP
  • Know the Pro’s and Cons
  • Trying to starve SIBO is not really addressing the SIBO
  • Food Reintroduction Strategy of Dietitian
  • Sharing Client Stories
  • Nikki’s Food Reintroduction Strategy
  • Amy’s personal experience for reintroduction
  • Broadening Diet can help address Dysbiosis
  • Nikki’s Food Reintroduction Metaphor 55:18 Digestive support
  • The Pace for Food Reintroduction

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