Here is Part 2 of our Histamine Series – The nutrition side of it!

In this episode, Amy and I talk about the importance of nutrition in histamine intolerances. Do you really need to restrict your diet to heal your intolerances? Is there a wrong way in terms of nutrition?

We’ll share some tricks in sleeves on how we help our clients manage their histamine intolerances and also our personal experiences on diet and our food journey.

What to expect:

  • Dietitian’s Perspective on Low Histamine Diet
  • Restricting your diet will always have consequences
  • First step from a dietary standpoint with someone you suspect with histamine issues
  • Histamine and anxiety
  • Nikki’s Client with Histamine Story
  • Nikki & Amy’s Diet Journey
  • Dietitian’s Histamine Food List as told by a Dietitian
  • Histamine Build up in Cooked Foods

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